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The Voice Within

Advocacy and Public Policy are the cornerstones of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Delaware Chapter. Our strategic agenda is to provide a culturally competent voice for African American women and women of color in the state of Delaware to effectuate positive change for them personally, for their families and for their communities.NCBW, Delaware Chapter’s public policy agenda is ever evolving to meet the needs of our constituency.Aligned with our national office agenda of advocacy for and by Black women, we believe that “No One Can Speak For Us Better Than We Can”. NCBW, Delaware’s strategic advocacy areas that create a framework for our public policy work and examples of our work are as follows:




Examples of our work include:
Voter Education, Registration and Engagement
Political Education Forums- U.S., Statewide, City and County Offices
Elected Official Engagement –Sisters on the Hill
Legislative Impact – NCBW Position Statements on Health, Education and
Economic Empowerment
Women Candidate Support-Training, Mentorship and Networking
Government Efficacy–Open Dialogue with Delaware’s General Assembly
Board and Leadership Appointment Resource
Gender and Racial Equity Advocates
 Public Record Testimony on Education, Health and Economic Empowerment
Advocacy Training for Women of Color