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Intolerance of Racism

NCBW-DE Speaks to the Intolerance of Racism and Calls for Peace and a National Dialogue on Race

The Officers and members of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Delaware Chapter mourn the loss of lives of Heather Heyer, Trooper Berke M. M. Bates and Lt. H. J. Cullen and multiple injuries that resulted from the recent violent and racially motivated attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia. We are saddened that racial divide and hatred under the concealment of free speech still pervade the hearts and minds of many. Simply put we believe, THERE IS ONE RACE, THE HUMAN RACE and there is no room for discrimination, or exclusion among any people.

Unfettered, these beliefs evolve to hate and violence as witnessed regrettably in Charlottesville and in far too many other incidents nationally. NC100BW DE views these acts as examples of Domestic Terrorism in our society and should be treated as such. We have noticed that since this horrific event the dialogue has continued and has called more attention to our indifferences as a people more than our commonalities.

We are disappointed in the utterances of many including our national leadership and elected representative in the country‚Äôs highest office, President Donald J. Trump. President Trump, we are calling upon you to exercise caution, discretion and cultural competency in your spoken word and intent on this important issue. Specifically, the resulting conversations have reminded us once again of one of the nation’s most significant human failures, the institution of slavery.

For our members, our advocacy constituency of Black women and girls and our ancestry, this is and continues to be very painful. We are intolerable of any rhetoric, persons, or entity that promotes and honors inequality, and any physical replicas or artifacts (Monuments) as acceptable historical and cultural references to leadership that supported slavery. We will be forever proud of the many contributions made by human beings treated as slaves, especially in economic commerce. We also shall never forget the many indignities and sacrifices that were made on our behalf to have a better life equitable to any human being.

NC100BW DE calls for Peace among us to reflect and heal as well as a National Dialogue on Race Matters and Resolutions. We stand ready to participate and assist and believe we can be better together.

NC100BW DE founded in 1995 is an advocacy organization that is not for profit and nonpartisan benefitting Black women and girls.