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Economic Empowerment

Currently black women must work until August of the following year to achieve the same amount of income that white males average in a year (December 31st of the previous year). We must close the wage gap so that black women can provide for their families. When black women do well the world does well. The Delaware Chapter works to provide educational programming for black women that gives them the tools and encouragement to achieve financially.


“My Sister’s Keeper – Financial Literacy Boot Camp Five Empowerment Initiatives”:

1. Workforce Development

2. Equal Pay for Equal Work

3. Affordable Housing

4. Home Ownership

5. Entrepreneurship

Programming to consist include Promoting Training Programs for job readiness and employment strategies as a component for workforce development, Create Educational Programs to ensure equal pay in compliance with the Lilly Ledbetter Act, Initiate Education Forums that promote affordable housing, and link the community with Financial Institutions for home ownership recovery.

My Sister’s Keeper / Financial Literacy Boot Camp not only provides Basic Money Management: Investing in the Future, Hands on Banking, Real Estate Today and Wealth & Estate Planning Strategies via the:

1. Support and advocate for pay equity for Black women including increasing livable wage, job readiness and employment marketability.

2. Identify and advocate for increased financial and technical education for entrepreneurship for Black women and girls.

3. Advocate to support FHA policies that support increased home ownership for black women.

4. Support, Identify and Advocate for financial literacy and empowerment opportunities including:

    • Budgeting
    • Targeted Savings Planning for college, emergency, home ownership, investment and retirement.
    • Credit Management and Improvement.
    • Career and Improvement Enhancement.