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The Delaware Chapter actively champions the Health rights of black women and girls most recently in the following areas:

  • Childhood Obesity:
(1) Toxic & unsafe urban/inner city neighborhoods; (2) School nutrition and education; (3) Physical education and activity; and
(4) Advertising junk foods to children
“It’s a Family Affair” Other Health Initiatives that are Critical for Women and Girls
  • Heart Disease
(1) Support policies that promote worksite wellness; (2) mandatory menu labeling in restaurants, (3) frequent physical activities ; and
(4) access to high quality affordable health disease care
(1) Support the US National HIV/AIDS Policy (gender strategies and the social determinants of risk for HIV)
  • Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation
(1) Stricter punishment for those that would traffic girls; and (2) increased funding for community-based treatment for
impacted girls under 21
  • Breast Cancer
(1) Support the implementation of “The Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act” (includes guaranteed access to quality care for all)

Partners to include:

CHILDHOOD OBESITY: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

HEART DISEASE: The American Heart Association

HIV/AIDS: The Office on Women’s Health


BREAST CANCER: The National Breast Cancer Coalition

The Chapter not only provided programming that focused on the elimination of the health issues above but seek to eliminate health disparities across the State by instituting the following:

  • Re-establish the Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprise with a focus on Black Women’s Health.
  • Address increase in crime and incidences of violence and exposure to trauma events for Black women and girls.
  • HIV Prevention, Education and Treatment for Black women and girls.
  • Development of Trauma Informed and Gender Responsive Healthcare for Black women and girls.
  • Access to Affordable Whole Body Healthcare and Aftercare.
  • Increased Number of Black Mental Health Workers.