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President’s Message

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Delaware Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc.(NCBW-DE) website.   We are honored by your interest in our organization. The National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. is ” the premiere organization”, that advocates for women of color and their families.

On July 25, 1995  the Delaware Chapter was chartered. Our core initiatives were and continue to be, Education, Economic Development, Gender Equity, Health, Art & Cultural awareness and Public Policy. Since its inception our chapter members have embodied the belief that we are “Women Empowering Women and thus Improving Our Communities in ways that leave lasting and life-changing effects on all the women of color that we touch.” Our membership includes a diverse group of women, who are unapologetic about our purpose to better the lives of women of color and their families. That is the true mission of NCBW.

The communities we serve are primarily located in the New Castle County, Delaware area with an expanded focus to encompass Kent and Sussex Counties in southern Delaware.

In the words of our past Presidents, “We are not just a coalition of women, but a movement of women, molding and shaping the direction that will eliminate barriers that limit our access to economic and social power.  We will continue to be a voice for the women of color who are voiceless and support them and their families.

We will advocate for and stay abreast of current issues that affect women of color and their families and constantly educate them on  educational disparities that affect their families through our Educational  Committee, open the door to Economic Opportunity through our Economic Committee,  decrease and work to eliminate health inequities that affect our communities, through our Health  Committee and  set in place Legislative policies that shape our systems through our Public Policy Committee. We are at the table with legislators both nationally and locally sharing our concerns and voicing the concerns of our communities.

Thank you to all the members of the Delaware Chapter for their support, dedication, and unending commitment to our community. We have decided that we are our sister’s keeper and we will gain economic and political empowerment for all women of color. Join us!


Warm Regards,

Melanie S. Daniels
National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc.
Delaware Chapter,Inc.